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Our site is secure with the latest security systems and includes 24/7 off site Monoriting by a independent surcurity firm, giving you peace of mind when storing your goods.

Whether its old antiques or a car whatever you store you want to know its secure from theft & damages, we offer the best secure units for your peace of mind.

Some of the security features in place at Nelson’s self store:  

> Every container has its own steel lock box and padlock.dcrerpRc9

> Gated Premesis

> Double Padlocked Gates

> Multi Channeled infra-red CCTV system

> Well floodlight Premesis


NEW  Biometric Access Control System

Here at nelsons self store we have a new system in place to make sure that your items are 100% secure, we have fitted a new system which reads your fingerprints for a “key” that can’t be copied or stolen!

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